CPFR bought up by Capita Children’s Services

The company founded in 2002 sells all its shares to rival

CPFR Solutions has been acquired by Capita Children’s Services for an undisclosed sum.

CPFR, set up in 2002 by Chris Wright, counts over 500 public bodies amongst its clients and offers IT and technical services to the childcare sector.

The acquisition will help Capita, based in Bedford, to advance its vision of a single integrated database which will hold details of individuals from birth to adulthood.

Capita’s EMS technology is already used in 126 local authorities to manage children’s data.

The company says that its technology can be used to spot children at risk quicker and could enable the government to fulfil its promises from the ‘Every Child Matters’ declaration.

CPFR’s 25 staff are now all employees of Capita, although they will remain at their offices in Windsor, Berkshire.

Wright said: “The combined offering of our product portfolios will ensure that children’s services departments will have fast and accurate access to information on every child under their care.

“This will benefit our customers as their multi-agency teams will have more information on which to assess the needs of each child.”

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