Craft beer club Beer52 raises £100,000 through Angels Den crowdfunding platform

23 investors back pitch to help expand online community

Edinburgh-based craft beer club Beer52 has announced that it has secured £100,000 investment via Angels Den’s new “integrated ”crowdfunding platform, completing its funding round in just 38 days.

23 investors backed the listing in return for equity share alongside the perks of receiving free craft beer.

Launched in October last year, Beer52 works with independent microbreweries such as BrewDog and Camden Town Brewery to offer members access to boxes of unique and speciality brews.

In just three months it claims to have grown to become the UK’s largest online craft beer community with more than 2,500 paying subscribers.

The company intends to use the funds to increase its online membership to 10,000 subscribers over the following year.

The news builds upon the UK’s emerging “craft beer revolution”, recognised in’s report on What Business to Start in 2014, with more Britons turning to small independent beer makers as a move away from large commercial distilleries.

Beer52 founder and “head of beer tasting”, James Brown, commented:

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“The investment will allow us to launch a really engaging new website and acquire 10,000 members, which will enable us to help the best independent craft breweries reach thousands of new drinkers in the UK.”

Bill Morrow, Angels Den founder and CEO, added: “They had obviously nailed the basic proposition which made it easy to ace the video, they then blitzed their message out to their supporters.

“On top of that, they attracted 15 accredited angels at our SpeedFunding event which supplemented the crowd and, perhaps more importantly than raising the funds, now allows them access to the contacts, experience and advice of these experienced business people.”


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