Leveraging the business challenges of the Olympics to grow

Company: Croud
Ben Knight and Luke Smith
Proposition: Croud aims to make digital marketing services accessible to companies of all sizes and budgets, by employing experts ‘in the cloud’, who can work anywhere with an internet connection

Founded in April 2011, Croud is a new style of digital marketing agency offering search, social and pay-per-click (PPC) services, which uses experts ‘in the cloud’ to power its client campaigns. Already working with brands such as John Lewis, MyDeco, Friends Reunited and Zopa,

Croud is a company that can’t wait to get to work during the Olympics. Croud believes that today’s working world requires a different approach to the out-dated 9-5, office-based ways of old. Instead, it taps into top digital talent across the UK and Europe working from home, a café – anywhere there is internet access.

It also has its own technology platform, ‘Croud Control’, to oversee and manage both its experts and their work. This means Croud HQ can make sure everything is running smoothly and give its clients the quality assurance they deserve.

As Luke Smith, commercial director of Croud says: “The Olympics are going to be a struggle for many, but for Croud, the Games are going to prove the value of the way we do business. It’s about time we found a way to make technology help us live better as well as work better, and by operating ‘in the cloud’ we can deliver amazing results for brands big and small – and free up our workforce to get more out of life.”


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