Crowdcube partners with Escape the City to launch ‘Escape School’

New initiative designed to give corporate professionals entrepreneurial skills

Equity-based crowdfunding platform Crowdcube has announced a partnership with online community Escape the City to launch Escape School – an initiative designed to give corporate professionals the skills to start their own business.

The Escape School’s stated purpose is to give early and mid-career corporate professionals the skills needed to build their own businesses or transition into entrepreneurial or social impact jobs.

Delivered via a mixture of one-hour talks, panels and meet-ups and longer courses for small groups over weekends, evenings and full weekdays, the School will provide a programme of “instruction, inspiration and community” to help unfulfilled professionals launch their entrepreneurial endeavours.

The School launched on 19 September, and Crowdcube said it had already begun to build an “enviable reputation” amongst entrepreneurs.

Escape the City, which describes itself as an online community for “professionals looking to escape the corporate world”, has had an association with Crowdcube since 2012, when it successfully raised £600,000 via a pitch on the site.

Crowdcube can also count itself amongst its crowdfunding success stories after raising £1.5m in three days in May 2013, setting what was then a crowdfunding world record.

Luke Lang, co-founder of Crowdcube, said in a statement: “Escape the City and Crowdcube are kindred spirits with an underpinning philosophy to empower and inspire people to do things differently and fulfil their potential.

“Escape School is already building an enviable reputation among entrepreneurs , it is already having an impact and contributing to London’s burgeoning start-up scene. We’re very proud to be part of this team.”

Rob Symington of Escape School added: “Escape the City stands for challenging the conventional career path when that path is unfulfilling or unhelpful. We absolutely love the innovation and positive disruption that Crowdcube are bringing to the area of SME and startup investments.

“The partnership between The Escape School and Crowdcube is such a good match – we are helping people escape unfulfilling careers to pursue more entrepreneurial paths and Crowdcube is democratising the process of getting exciting ideas and businesses funded.

“We are proud to be uniting to continue to challenge the status quo and we’re really excited about the businesses that are going to come out of The Escape School over the next 12 months.”


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