Crowdfunding platform exclusively for tech and health start-ups launches

£130,000 already invested through ShareIn to support UK companies in engineering, science and “innovation”

A niche equity crowdfunding platform exclusively targeted at British technology and health start-ups has officially launched today.

ShareIn, founded in 2012, intends to support “inspirational” UK businesses looking to change the economic landscape through innovation, engineering and science, and is open to start-ups looking to raise between £40,000 to £1m with investors able to back as little as £10.

Unlike other equity platforms on the market, it operates a “best-of-breed share structure” which means that every share brought in a pitch carries voting, drag along and tag along rights in order to facilitate “professional and fair” legal arrangements between the investor and investee company.

It also claims to “set itself apart” by asking businesses to justify their valuation to potential investors and provide data on money spent to date and estimated future costs.

In addition, it provides investors with a secondary market for their shares, via a bulletin board to enable investors to sell their shares.

The crowdfunding site intends for the launch to build on its initial beta phase in December, where, of the five start-ups which appeared on its platform, the first company, 3D holographic display specialist Holoxica, has already achieved its £60,000 funding goal with over a month of its campaign still to run.

Beyond Holoxica, the other businesses listed on the site have so far generated between 11% and 32% of their funding targets, resulting in more than £130,000 being invested through the platform to date and several new companies about to open their pitches on the site this month.

ShareIn CEO, Jude Cook, said: “We built this platform because we are passionate about innovation and want to give amazing ideas a chance to flourish, and we are delighted to see that other people feel the same. It’s great to be out of beta-testing and now fully live.”

Andrew Pickett, co-founder of ShareIn, added: “We wanted to make ShareIn the fairest and most beneficial site to both investors and companies.

“We know that the valuations on some crowdfunding platforms are absolutely crazy, which is obviously bad for investors and can also have a negative impact on companies looking to raise money in the future.”

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