Crowdfunding success stories: NearDesk

The “oyster card for desks” start-up which raised £1m from over 300 investors to fill the growing demand for flexible office space…

Office space is increasingly at a premium and NearDesk’s solution; pay-as-you-go desks and meeting rooms, quickly struck a chord with investors when it appeared on the Seedrs crowdfunding platform in July 2014.

Securing £1m from 346 backers in return for 22.56%, the start-up smashed its initial target of £600,000 with single investments of up to £75,000 to help it take its concept to cities across the UK.

Founded in 2011 by Tom Ball, NearDesk’s service works via a touch-in touch-out member card system where users access hot desks and meeting areas by the hour and then pay for the time spent in a single monthly invoice.

Another example of how you can use crowdfunding for multiple series investments, NearDesk’s £1m backing followed two previous Seedrs rounds – £184,500 which it had raised towards its initial launch and a further £50,000 to develop its service.

Outlining the company’s crowdfunding accomplishments on its blog, Seedrs commented:

“NearDesk is an excellent example of a company for whom the influx of new customers, advocates and industry influencers from an equity crowdfunding round is just as important as the cash raised. [It used its] funding round as an opportunity to engage with its customer base.”

Ball added: “Raising frequent small rounds has been a great way to bring customers into the company as shareholders, but a large investment like today’s round will help us grow even faster.”

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