Crowdfunding success stories: SHAREIGHT

The e-commerce mobile app backed by investors from across the globe

One of Seedrs’ largest funded campaigns to date (second to its own), mobile shopping app SHAREIGHT set a new record for the equity crowdfunding platform in April when it reached its initial £350,000 target in just 17 hours of its pitch going live, closing £662,050 in total.

The campaign also garnered worldwide attention; 334 investors from 12 countries backed the round in return for a share of 18.08% to help support the e-commerce app’s Android roll-out.

Currently only available on iOS, London-based SHAREIGHT operates an e-commerce interface built solely for mobile to allow users to find and share retail products on their smartphone or tablet device “more easily”.

“Taking the pain out of shopping”, the app lists over 8,000 brands which it lets users browse within “just three taps” using its 500 retail search terms, and offers a comparison service which enables customers to save their favourite items from all the major stores in one place.

Alongside launching the app on Android, SHAREIGHT plans to utilise the funding to enhance its check-out system to achieve its aim of becoming the “go-to place when shopping on mobile”.

Describing how SHAREIGHT’s crowdfunding success was due to “the business itself and how they ran their campaign”, Seedrs said:

“SHAREIGHT was able to galvanise such decisive support because it spent considerable time building relationships with angel investors and the equity crowdfunding round fits into its overall capital raising journey.”

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