Business analytics have become easy to understand and to use, thanks to this tech start-up

Founder: Dan McGuire
Launched: May 2012

‘Innovative’ is an overused word when it comes to tech start-ups, but in the field of business analytics, Cube19’s software-as-a-service product is truly doing something new.

Founded by Dan McGuire, who grew previous venture Broadbean Technology into one of Europe’s fastest growing tech firms before selling it to DMGT, the business provides the recruitment market with cloud-based business intelligence and predictive analytics.

Where the innovation comes in is with how it presents its data. Rather than wade through spreadsheets, the user can instead see the information as pictures, which are delivered over the web and on mobile.

The business received a vote of confidence, as well as a growth catalyst, in November when it raised £1.1m from an impressive group of private investors including the CEO of SThree, Russell Clements, who has become the chairman of Cube19.

That there is a need for his product, McGuire is in no doubt. Its roots are in his previous business, and years of frustration with a lack of useable data. Cube19 might mean that frustration quickly becomes a thing of the past.

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