The software which synchronises social media, helping busy businesses increase their online marketing efficiency

Founders: Linda Cheung and Mark Bower
Launched: February 2011

When the former COO of Morgan Stanley walks away from her high-flying job to co-found a start-up, you can be pretty sure she’s found an idea worth gambling on.

The only product specifically designed for professionals to engage with social media, CubeSocial focuses on the core importance of online conversation to contemporary business operation by allowing busy execs to turn their e-mail contacts into social profiles. This allows them to see which social media sites their clients and customers are engaging with, enabling them to put their online marketing energies into the right platforms and speak where they know their audience is listening.

Started with former Microsoft program manager Mark Bower, the co-founders’ mix of managerial experience and technical know-how has proved to be a powerful combination, attracting the attention of, The Wall Street Journal and the BBC.


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