Customer dissatisfaction

Poor customer service is endangering customer relationships

Businesses need to up the ante when it comes to customer service if they are to improve client satisfaction, new research has revealed.

The report, commissioned by technology giant Oracle, found that while survey respondents were almost unanimous in the opinion that keeping customers happy is of paramount importance, more than half of European consumers do not judge customer service operations to be effective.

The list of customers’ grievances was long and varied and included enduring long call queues, having to continually repeat their queries to different members of staff and receiving inconsistent answers as a result.

Oracle says that many of these problems are a direct result of poor data management skills. Furthermore, businesses should be doing more to leverage the information they retain through business analytics and intelligence tools, in order to gain a clearer picture of the customer and their requirements.

Loic le Guisquet, senior vice president, Oracle CRM, EMEA commented: “Businesses need to go beyond the simple retention of customer information, and start to apply intelligence to the vast amounts of data they hold in order to meet the public’s expectations.”

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