From wooly hats to baby clothes, start-ups are increasingy using the web to offer personalised products

1. Social discovery
2. Curation
3. Social commerce
4. Gamification
5. Crowdsourcing and categorisation
6. Freemium and subscription models
7. Niche social networks
8. Location-based apps
9. APIs
10. Customisation

We’re currently in the process of shortlisting entries for our flagship feature, the Startups 100. Looking through the entries, one trend stands out above all others: customisation.

From, which produces personalised baby clothes, to Hats for the Hill, which enables you to custom-design your own wooly hat, start-ups are increasingly standing out from the crowd by offering customers individualised products.

The web has made this increasingly feasible and economically viable, making it possible to capture customers’ specifications and requirements in a highly efficient way.

For instance, Hats for the Hill has developed a hat designer tool, which lets users play around with different styles, patterns and colours until they find their dream hat (from more than 13 trillion possible combinations), which is then hand-made.


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