Cybit Holdings plc

The company that can lower your fuel costs by tracking and managing fleet vehicles

Company Details Company: Cybit Holdings plc Based: Cambridgeshire Clients: 2,000 customers, including DEFRA, MayGurney, Highways Agency,and Ford
Who are you?

Richard Horsman, chief executive of Cybit Holdings plc.

What do you do?

We provide vehicle, fleet and mobile workforce tracking through telematics-based products and services.

What does that mean in practice?

We deliver a range of hardware and software-based products that are fully supported by consultancy and training services. Our core focus is Fleetstar-Online, our fleet and asset management product, which helps companies manage mobile assets and the work packets to which they are assigned in the most efficient and profitable way. Although Fleetstar-Online can be applied to most businesses operating mobile assets, the application has been designed for firms in the service, transport and logistics, and government and utilities sectors.

What size company suits you?

We work with a wide range of businesses, from small logistics companies with common needs, to local authorities and major enterprises with specialist applications requiring customisation.

Why should I care?

Fleetstar-Online significantly reduces operational costs. On average, customers experience an 11% drop in vehicle mileage. This not only delivers major fuel-cost reductions, but also substantially decreases carbon emissions.

Vehicle tracking enables a business to record and monitor the reduction of carbon emissions, the disclosure of which is said to be mandatory by 2012 under the Carbon Disclosure Act. What’s more, it enhances employee duty of care by offering the ability to monitor and protect lone and mobile workers through panic alarms, location-based reporting, and compliance management via a risk management module. The service also assists compliance with legislation, such as the Health and Safety Act. Meanwhile, the data analysis it allows means businesses can analyse trends over time, comparing sites and operating centres to provide accurate inter-company benchmarking and enhanced strategic decision making.

What can you do for me that I can’t do for myself?

Provide a 24-hour, real-time vision of your operations and business, which also saves money, increases efficiency and visibility, improves managerial control, and keeps you compliant. Through enhanced visibility of vehicle movements and the central control of this tracking data, we can provide businesses with a competitive edge.

What mistakes will you stop me from making?

Without tracking technology, your operational productivity could be suffering from excessive or unnecessary vehicle usage, unauthorised private use, poor driving, mobile worker idling and speeding, and fuel wastage, to name a few. You could also be putting your workforce and your company at risk.

Can you give me an example?

May Gurney Highway Services describes Cybit’s service as a “business revelation, both for tactical operation and corporate business efficiency management”. Fuel costs fell at the company by 10% as a result of better planning and monitoring. UCS Plant Hire uses Cybit’s graphical mileage reports to pull back around 750 miles a week through detailed route planning. This has significantly reduced fuel costs and helped take six vehicles off the road.

Why should I trust you?

Many of our new contracts originate from referrals, 94% of our customers rate our service as excellent, and 80% of our customers renew their contracts, 50% of which order additional services.

We use our own technology. Our mobile workforce can be monitored as part of our corporate risk profile, we can see when unnecessary journeys have been taken, and ensure the workforce is working at full capacity while keeping our customers informed up to the minute.

How much does it cost?

Pricing can be configured to suit your company’s needs. You have the ability to reduce total fleet costs by between 10% and 20% and potentially save money from day one. In most circumstances, it’s cost-neutral after two months, and by the third month, savings are realised.

When leasing our technology, the return on investment across the fleet averages at least five times the monthly cost. With the addition of our consultancy services, we have seen savings as high as 11 times the monthly investment.


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