Daisy Communications buys 4Com customers

Matthew Riley's company continues to grow via acquisition

Daisy Communications has continued to grow via acquisition by purchasing customers from Wiltshire-based 4Com.

Daisy, which provides telecoms packages to businesses, has gained a further 3,700 customers through the deal. The acquisition, its 19th to date, sees its customer numbers surpass the 32,000 mark which it says “highlights the company’s continuing ambition to consolidate the communications market”. “Through our proven acquisition model and forthright ambition, we have successfully grown our customer base and given the company a strong foothold for 2009,” said chief executive officer Matthew Riley. Riley also added that his company’s acquisition activity has been assisted by the £5m interest free loan that it received through the Bank of Scotland’s Entrepreneur challenge. “The funding and our relationship with the bank has allowed Daisy to continue with its acquisitive and entrepreneurial approach,” said Matthew. “This means we can continue to grow customer numbers as well as add value to our business, which is important in what is proving to be a challenging financial market.”

4Com remains in the hands of its original shareholders.

4com’s managing director Daron Hutt said he would happy to do business with the company again in the future.   He said: “There is a great spirit of on going co-operation and future business between the two companies. Everyone at 4com wishes Daisy a great 2009.” © Crimson Business Ltd. 2009


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