Dame Mary Perkins on Specsavers’ international expansion [Video]

Dame Mary Perkins explains why she opened 150 Specsavers stores in the first 10 months of being in Australia

Dame Mary Perkins says that “if you go into a mature market you’ve got to be able to have a bigger number” of operations, you can’t “grow from one to two to three”, it “has to be by acquisition”.

This was the case for Perkins going into Australia, where it was “ a matter of getting 150 stores up and running in the first 10 months” so that they could get to critical mass to have the marketing and the advertising, otherwise  “you’re going to lose a lot of money with just one or two stores scattered around”.

She advises that it’s also important to get the small companies you take over to “integrate with the culture of your company”. The entrepreneur explains: “I don’t want to be, ‘oh there’s a Specsavers optician and that’s it.”,I want them to think and feel and be as passionate about the whole thing as I am, and that’s very difficult to get over”.

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