Dame Mary Perkins on Specsavers’ internet presence [Video]

Dame Mary Perkins explains how Specsavers' site works alongside bricks and mortar shops

Dame Mary Perkins explains how Specsavers used the internet to become “the largest provider in the whole of Europe for home delivery in contact lenses” because it was the “first to do flat packets that would go through post boxes”. This entailed designing ‘flat bottles that were designed to go through letterboxes”.

Specsavers saw a problem in the market, solved it and are now “nearing on a million customers receiving their contact lenses through the post”.

The other thing the company was able to use the internet for was seeing “pictures of frames on our website”. There is also a facility where you can “upload your own photograph… and try the frames”, giving them the “opportunity to take their time in their own home to go through thousands of frames, rather than go into a store and looking at other people trying on frames”.

Importantly though, if there’s “something they’re not happy about… they’ve got the bricks and mortar as a security”.

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