Dame Mary Perkins talks about hiring a management team at Specsavers [Video]

Dame Mary Perkins talks about relinquishing some control to take the business up a gear

Dame Mary Perkins says “there does come a time, if you want to sort of go up a gear and make the company even bigger, that you have to relinquish some of the things that you do”. While it might feel natural for you to want to regain control of every aspect of your business it can be detrimental to your business to spread yourself too thin.

Perkins decided to create a board “of world class people” to “take the brand forward” and achieve the same kind of recognition of McDonalds. It’s not enough to have a world class optics retailer, she explains, you need to have a “world class… retailer”.

“You’ve got to employ people at board level who know a lot more than you…  and if you have aspirations to grow and grow, they have to be world class”.




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