Data platform founded by former-Shazam exec raises $2m

London-based Red Sift enables developers to analyse and compute personal and corporate data via 'Sifts'

Red Sift, an early-stage data analytics and automation platform, has closed a $2m seed funding round led by White Star Capital and Oxford Capital with involvement from Entrée Capital.

Founded in 2015 by Randal Pinto and  former Shazam chief architect Rahul Power, the London-based company has created technology which enables developers to “easily” analyse and understand personal and corporate data via what it calls ‘Sifts’ – micro-services for data.

With the likes of email and web apps creating huge data footprints – data which is typically unprocessed as its difficult to get – Red Sift works by enabling users to interconnect data sources and receive insights previously not available to them.

The start-up is currently in public beta but intends to use the funding to expand development with the overall mission to “disrupt the way that individuals and organisations interact with their data”.

Power commented: “I believe in a future where all the great power of today’s cloud computation and algorithms can be rapidly and simply harnessed for our user’s benefit. I want to remove that layer of complexity from our lives and allow us to focus our cognitive abilities on the things that truly matter.”

White Star Capital’s Christian Hernandez added:

“No simple computational platform has existed to allow developers to easily harness disparate data sets and turn those into actionable micro-services. We are excited to back Red Sift’s vision to deliver on this opportunity.”


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