Designed to help small firms share data by creating APIs from information held in Dropbox spreadsheets

Founders: Will Lovegrove and Ian Cox
Launched: October 2012
Website: www.datownia.com

Datownia co-founders Will and Ian have spotted an opportunity within the success of tech triumph Dropbox. They realised businesses, particularly smaller ones, could benefit from API technology – for example, by having the ability to update content on multi-platform apps simultaneously. Without this, businesses were missing out by not being able to perform some basic tasks.

Their solution was to pioneer a new genre of digital business services that create data infrastructure (such as APIs) using data uploaded to consumer storage services (such as Dropbox).

Customers are predominately small firms which have a need to systematically share data with their business partners, apps or developers, and who have a limited internal IT capability. They can use the cloud-based software-as-a-service for free for three months, and then pay a fee of £20 a month.

Since established tech companies responded with, “Wow, that’s very cool” after receiving a demo from the founders, it’s safe to assume this start-up has big potential.


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