David Cameron urges MPs to enrol in new ‘work experience’ scheme for MPs

Politicians must “place small firms at the forefront of their thinking” according to FPB advisor

The prime minister has lent his support to a new work experience’ scheme, which encourages MPs to take a hands-on approach to running a small business from their local constituency for a day.

The scheme, known as Business Buddy, was set up by the Forum of Private Business (FPB) as part of its Get Britain Trading Campaign, and aims to give MPs first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by small businesses.

The FPB realised the need to bridge the gap between small businesses and local MPs during a recent survey, in which 74% of respondents requested that their elected representatives focus more on small businesses.

Kick-starting the initiative, Cabinet Office minister Oliver Letwin got stuck in at his visit to Bridport Gourmet Pies on Friday, paving the way for Business Secretary Vince Cable, Shadow Education Secretary Andy Burnham and many other MPs to begin their own placements.

Despite the promising response so far, David Cameron -who has spent some of his own time visiting small businesses in his West Oxfordshire constituency – has urged more MPs to get involved with Business Buddy.

Speaking about the new scheme, Phil McCabe, senior policy advisor at the FPB, told Growing Business:

“We want politicians to build lasting relationships with their constituent business owners and, when they are passing laws or introducing enterprise policies, place small firms at the forefront of their thinking.

“It is only by doing this that we will achieve a situation where small businesses are able to prosper and create jobs in order to drive economic growth.”

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