DBERR continues its small business consultations

John Hutton invites small business owners to share their views

Business secretary John Hutton today met with small business owners in the South West to ask them what the government can do to further economic growth in the region.

The meeting is the latest in a series of consultation events with business owners across the UK as part of the Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform’s (DBERR) new enterprise framework.

According to government figures small and medium-sized businesses employ 13.2 million people and contribute an annual £369bn to the UK economy.

The DBERR said that while the UK compares well with other European countries, the percentage of growing firms is significantly lower than in the US.

Entrepreneurs at the meeting were asked to consider what the government can do to help smaller firms take advantage of increased globalisation. They were also asked to determine which areas of public policy they find supportive and which areas are not.

“Britain has seen a significant increase in the numbers of small businesses in the last four years,” said Hutton. “We must now build on this success and ensure these small enterprises grow and take advantage of the new global markets.”

“There are more than one million more people working in small and medium-sized [businesses] than seven years ago so there are signs of growth. The government now needs to build on this success. We also need to be sure we keep renewing and refreshing our knowledge on what barriers to growth businesses face today.”

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