Death by committee

We really need someone with vision to look after the 2012 Olympic ceremonies

Creative processes are never democratic affairs, they are always run by dictators; film sets are run by megalomaniac directors, recording studios by control freak producers and ‘misunderstood’ songwriters, Van Gogh never asked the man in the street for his opinion he just sliced off his ear and painted whatever he felt like. Focus groups are anathema to anything creative and should be avoided like the plague.

A recent example of bubonic art is the British contribution to the Olympic closing ceremony at the weekend. Just exactly who would think that a red bus containing Leona Lewis, Jimmy Page and David Beckham would make exciting television?  They all looked distinctly uncomfortable, but not as much as the rest of us were while we watched Lewis and Page massacring ‘Whole Lotta Love’ aloft podiums which extended out of the bus. Apparently, Lewis demanded that the line ‘I wanna give you every inch of my love’ be dropped from the song, as she didn’t think it appropriate – an understatement if there ever was one. Following, this three minute wonder up popped another podium and there was ‘our Becks’. He kicked a ball in the air and smiled. That was it. Really, that was all he did.

I fear for the opening and closing ceremonies in 2012. We have already got a logo that induces epilepsy and a budget that is looking grossly optimistic. I am loathed to think what hell the various government-funded cretins can come up with in the next four years. Entrepreneurs understand the importance of vision and fast decision making. Something the committees can never provide. So give the control to someone with talent and tell them to get on with it. Give it to Simon Cowell, Lloyd Weber, Noel Gallagher, anyone, just not another bloody committee.




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