Dell launches services to help small firms manage printing budgets

Print Page Service and Toner Monitoring service designed to automate and save money on printing services

Computing giant Dell has announced the launch of two new managed print services targeted at small firms, which it says could save start-ups money on their printing budgets.

The Dell Print Page service, launched this week, is a pay-per-print scheme targeted at small and medium-sized businesses, spreading the costs of print operations through fixed monthly payments within contracts up to five years.

Customers will receive a number of other benefits for joining the service, including automatic replenishment of toner supplies and device support.

Also launched this week is the Dell Toner Monitoring service, a scheme which monitors and automatically replaces printer cartridges at discounted rates when they run low.

Dell claims the automated service will enable companies to free up staff time and minimise waste.

Both services are available now to customers purchasing Dell printers directly from Dell, with the service due to be rolled out in France and Germany over the next month.


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