Deprived areas to get startup boost

New scheme to help budding entrepreneurs in poor parts of the East Midlands

Budding entrepreneurs from disadvantaged areas in the East Midlands have been offered new help to start up in business following a government grant.

The government’s Phoenix Fund has handed £250,000 to the Centre for Enterprise, a Leicester-based organisation that helps people in the region go it alone.

The money will be used to create a new project, called IdeaSpark II, which will increase startup opportunities for people in deprived communities.

The scheme will set up a business resource centre to offer support, advice and access to finance to those who often have little chance to start up their own firm.

The Centre for Enterprise said that scheme will increase opportunities for refugees, ethnic minorities, women and the disabled – groups that are under-represented in startup businesses.

Michael Davis. Managing director of the Centre for Enterprise, welcomed the new cash.

“We’re delighted with the extra funding from the government.

“This will enable us to continue to understand that startup services need to be proactive and we need to nurture early business ideas, particularly targeting communities for their untapped potential,” he said.

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