Design company BERG raises $1.3m to launch new cloud computing service

Investment and launch marks transition into fully-fledged technology company

Design and technology company BERG has announced it has completed a $1.3m round of investment, in order to launch its new BERG Cloud platform.

Founded in 2005, BERG initially made its name as a tech-focused design consultancy with high-profile clients including Google, Intel, Bonnier and Dentsu.

It is also known amongst the general public for its self-funded Little Printer project – an internet-connected printer which has the ability to produce personalised ‘newspapers’ from online feeds the user subscribes to.

Release in December 2012, Little Printer was shortlisted for the Designs of the Year by the London Design Museum, and BERG has expanded upon the printer’s technology to create its BERG Cloud service.

BERG Cloud will be an adaptable operating system for use in a range of internet-connected devices, which the company claims will make it as easy to develop tangible connected products as it currently is to develop for the web.

The $1.3m investment, which will be used to launch and market BERG Cloud, comprised backing from tech-focused venture capital firms Connect Ventures, Initial Capital and Index Ventures.

The investment and subsequent launch of the service will mark a pivot of the fast-growing firm’s business model from a leading design consultancy into a holistic technology company.

Matt Webb, CEO of BERG, said: “Our mission with BERG Cloud is to make it as easy to develop hardware as it is to develop for the web. BERG Cloud provides solutions to the common problems of connected devices, allowing you to focus on what matters: product innovation and delightful user experience.

“We built this platform to make it easier for our own designers to invent and operate connected products themselves. Now we are making it available to everyone.”


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