Designing your logo

To a certain extent, logo design depends on personal taste, the nature of your company and what it sells. However, there are some basic principles to creating an effective logo. Most designers suggest a great logo is timeless, memorable, versatile and appropriate.

First off, consider the longevity of your business. You want a logo that will fit for years to come and this means rising above current design trends or en vogue fonts.

Making your logo memorable

To make your logo memorable, it not only needs to be visually appealing, but also needs to make an impact. Think about issues such as visual contrast and use of colour. However, simplicity is probably the most effective way to make a logo distinctive and memorable. The more complicated and fussy a logo becomes, the less recognisable it is. Logos such as the McDonalds M or the Nike tick are simple and instantly recognisable.

Your logo also needs to be versatile. Consider all the places it will be used. Colour may not always be an option, especially if printed in a newspaper. Although colour is a strong element in your logo’s message, the concept should be strong enough for your logo to stand alone in black and white. When designing your logo, remember it may need to be scaled up or down. The concept should remain clear whatever the size or dimension.

Overall, a good logo is simple, distinct, striking and memorable. But factors such as longevity, versatility and flexibility must not be overlooked, as they are very important in the long run. To ensure your logo stands out from the crowd and creates a lasting impression, it must convey your brand identity while being simultaneously visually effective and distinct.


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