Direct sellers call on government to recognise role in growth agenda

MPs urged to take the £2bn industry seriously

The Direct Selling Association (DSA) has met with MPs to draw their attention to the industry’s contribution to the economy, in a reception hosted by Conservative MP, Brian Binley, at the House of Commons.

As the country’s largest provider of part-time independent earning, direct selling in the UK generates approximately £2bn in sales every year.

Almost 400,000 people currently sell for companies such as Avon, Kleeneze and The Pampered Chef, and the DSA has called on MPs to recognise the industry’s ability to support people back to work and inspire entrepreneurs.

Paul Southworth, director general of the Direct Selling Association feels confident that the discussion was a success.

He said: “The event was extremely useful in enabling us to discuss the DSA’s priorities with key Members of Parliament and to plan for the future of the industry, an industry which is closely aligned to the government’s current agenda around encouraging new businesses and entrepreneurialism.

“One of the aims of our work with government is to secure greater awareness and recognition of the industry, and last night was a great chance to do that.”


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