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One of Europe’s most active tech venture capital firms, DN Capital recently took Shazam’s valuation to $1bn with a $30m investment…

Fund name: DN Capital
Investor category: Venture capital
Based in: London
Website: http://dncapital.com/


Founded in 2000, DN Capital operates across Europe and America and specialises in the tech sector.

Investment criteria:

An early-stage venture capital firm, DN Capital focuses on seed and growth stage rounds in businesses that are looking to expand globally. It has backed more than 50 businesses to date with its investments centred around the digital, e-commerce, mobile apps and software. Companies it has invested in including fast-growth businesses and organisations such as Seedcamp, LOVESPACE and dating app Happn.

Size of fund:


Portfolio company:

In January 2015, mobile music app Shazam joined the “unicorn club” after receiving $30m investment from DN Capital. The funding made Shazam one of only five UK tech start-ups to reach the $1bn valuation milestone; a 1,000% increase in valuation from the VCs initial seed round in the company in 2004. Launched in 1999, Shazam has now been downloaded over 500 million times with 100 million active monthly users. DN Capital’s managing partner Nenad Marovac said it was “privileged to have been a part of [the company’s] truly inspirational journey”.

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