How door drop marketing can help to build your business

Door drops are a cost-effective, highly-targeted method of marketing that can compliment your existing multi-channel marketing strategy

So, you’re ready to ramp up your marketing and start to build your business; you’ve invested in social media, you’ve tried email marketing, but you’re looking for something new to compliment your existing strategy.

Door drops are a cost-effective and powerful form of marketing that works comfortably alongside any existing marketing methods you have in place to help reach new customers and build your business.

According to Royal Mail’s MarketReach report by Iluminas in 2014, 92% of people read door drops that are delivered to their home.

Other findings from Royal Mail’s MarketReach report, Ethnographic Quant, Trinity McQueen, 2014, highlighted that 20% of door drops are shared with another member of the household. With 29 million households in the UK, that represents a vast potential audience for your marketing material.

What makes door drops such a powerful marketing tool?

Door drops are cost-effective

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Door drops don’t have to be a huge financial investment; you can reach 8,000 households for just £500 excluding VAT at 20%, and then scale up or down accordingly.

Door drops are highly-targeted

Royal Mail’s free targeting and customer profiling service allows you to be highly selective about which of the UK’s 29 million households you reach based on distance, location and demographics.

In this way, Royal Mail can help you to reach the right customers who are most likely to respond to your campaign, for free.

Determining exactly who you will target with your door drops is an essential first step to ensure their success. You can establish everything from what your ideal customer looks like and what their interests are.

  • Distance – reach people within a certain number of miles or drive time of your business
  • Location – use postcode mapping to select specific houses, areas or postcodes; or use your local knowledge to be even more targeted
  • Demographics – select by age, income, type of housing (semi, bungalow, terrace) or even household composition: singles, couples, families

Once you know your ideal target, Royal Mail’s service enables you to refine your audience needs so that you can reach the right people for your campaign by tailoring your door drops to appeal to their exact tastes and needs, maximising effectiveness.

Door drops use powerful evaluation tools

You can evaluate the success of your door drops on a number of key metrics, allowing you to gain a thorough understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign:

  • ROI – this is simply the total revenue generated minus the cost. Was it worth it?
  • Behaviour – a useful metric assessing how your customers interacted and responded to your door drops. Did they call, visit your website, come into your store?
  • Response rates – figure out the response rate from your door drops so you can be better prepared for the next campaign
  • Creative impact – useful if you are trying out different creative approaches to hone your approach. Which worked better?
  • Targeting – trying out different methods of targeting will allow you to figure out who your most responsive customer is and who you should focus on in the future

Tips on measuring your door drop campaign

Here are some of the key measures you should consider to weigh up the cost against the result:

  • Impact – did your door drops hit your desired targets of sales, profit, website visits?
  • Volume – how many people do you want to reach? Be specific: it could be dozens, hundreds or thousands
  • Response – how many customers responded?
  • Fulfilment – how are you going to act on their responses?
  • Return – establish what return you need to turn a profit
  • Budget – door drops can be delivered at a price that’s right for your business. For a minimum charge of £500 (excluding VAT at 20%), Royal Mail enables you to reach some 8,000 customers therefore you don’t need a large marketing budget to create an impactful campaign
  • Measurement– door drops enable you to measure the success of your marketing and who you’re targeting your campaign at, so you can ensure you’re getting the best possible return

Royal Mail is the only door drop provider to be accredited by ABC, which delivers industry-agreed standards for media brand measurement. You can download Royal Mail’s free, practical and useful guides on how to produce door drops and using door drops to build your business here.