Gordon Ramsay OBE

The restaurateur and TV personality would be a perfect fit to take up Bannatyne's straight-talking approach in the Den...

Name:Odds Gordon Ramsay Gordon Ramsay
Founded: Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited – includes 24  restaurants across the globe including Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Maze and Versailles
Industry: Food and drink

One of Britain’s best known restaurateurs and chefs, Gordon Ramsay doesn’t shy away from TV shows and having exhausted the list of food programmes and related series from Masterchef to Hell’s Kitchen, we suspect the Den could help to refresh his TV personality image. Forbes reported that in June 2014 Ramsay had net worth of $47m so he has the capacity to invest in new businesses and this is especially true given that he’s previously supported entrepreneur and pitching competitions.

With exiting Dragon Bannatyne often perceived as the straight-talking investor of the panel, there’s little doubt that Ramsay would be able to flourish in this role and share his honest opinion on start-up ideas pitching for investment. Having recently lost an estimated £1m in a legal battle with his father in law, the Den would also enable him to balance out any money lost.



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