Lord Alan Sugar

Could the business magnate be about to make the ultimate entrepreneur reality show switch?

Odds SugarName: Lord Alan Sugar
Founded: Amstrad, Viglen, Amsprop, Amshold
Industry: Computing, technology, consumer electronics

Known for his starring role in The Apprentice, Lord Sugar is said to be one the richest people in the UK with an estimated fortune of over £900m so there’s little doubt that he has the money to invest in emerging start-ups but would he make the move to the Den?

Although it might seem doubtful, Sugar has recently changed the terms of his Apprentice investment agreement to similar terms of those in the Den – he now invests £250,000 in an apprentice for 50% of the business instead of the previous employment with a £100,000 salary. He’s also recently condemned elements of The Apprentice and has slammed former contestants such as Luisa Zissman that they use the programme to launch their own careers. Dragons’ Den, which features  business ideas and not necessarily the names behind the business, could be starting to look a lot more appealing.


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