Mike Clare

The Dreams bed chain entrepreneur is a keen advocate of business and enterprise with a passion in making "dreams come true" - could he be about to turn start-up 'dreams' into a reality?

Odds Dale MurrayName: Mike Clare
Founded: Dreams, Clarenco LLP, The Clare Foundation
Industry: Retail, property

The founder of successful bed chain Dreams, which he sold for an estimated £222m in 2008, Mike Clare has been in the enterprise space for 40 years and shows no signs of retiring which is why we suspect an appearance on the Den could be on the cards. In 2009 he formed Clarenco LLP which invests in properties across the UK and shortly after launched social venture The Clare Foundation which helps charities nationwide.

A fellow of the Prince’s Trust and Institute of Directors, Clare was more recently involved with launching the Clare Business School which ‘brings real live business experiences’ to students. On his website, Clare states that his passion is in making “dreams come true” – becoming the next Dragon would further his entrepreneurial endeavors.


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