Richard Hilton

Founder of £60m fitness chain Gymbox, this marketing mogul knows how to build a memorable brand. But will he bring his expertise to the Den?

Name: Richard Hilton
Founded: Gymbox
Industry: Fitness, marketing

At the age of 19, Plusnet Pioneer Richard Hilton embarked on an extensive advertising career that would see him working with leading brands such as Nike and Unilever. Yet his true passion was fitness: during a trip to New York in which he encountered a range of unique gym trends, Hilton was inspired to start a business and founded Gymbox in 2001. Hilton used his marketing expertise to build his game-changing gym chain into a booming business, with revenues rising a staggering 40% in the year leading up to October 2015 and a recent valuation of £60m.

Given that Hilton has sold a large stake in Gymbox and is said to work just one day a week, this would certainly leave him with the money and time to take a seat in the Den. With his wealth of experience in building memorable brands and grabbing press attention – in 2009 Gymbox was surrounded by a media controversy following the announcement of ‘chav fighting’ and ‘bitch boxing’ classes – he would be a sought-after investor for entrepreneurs looking for marketing flair.



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