Simon Cowell

The media mogul has already succeeded with a host of music and entertainment shows, could a business reality show be next on the cards?

Odds Simon CowellName: Simon Cowell
Founded: Syco and a range of TV franchises
Industry: Music, television

An influential businessman and household name, Cowell has made his millions as the creator and producer of much loved TV franchises including Pop Idol, X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. As the talent judge on many of his show panels, Cowell could be the curve ball Dragons’ Den investor as he switches music talent for entrepreneurial talent.  It wouldn’t be  Cowell’s first foray into the start-up space either; in 2006 he co-produced American Investor – a Dragons’ Den-style show which he purchased from Peter Jones – and in 2012 he announced plans to launch an ‘X Factor for tech” with to find the next Mark Zuckerberg.

As of May 2014 his net worth was said to be £300m so although an appearance on the Den would mark his first TV judge appearance on a show he doesn’t own the rights too, he would likely be able to make a sizeable return on any investments he makes. His honestly and blunt criticisms would also hike up the show’s ratings but the production fee for him to appear on the show may outweigh the benefits.


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