Sir Richard Branson

The Virgin mogul has recently moved into the enterprise space with the launch of Virgin Startup, Dragons' Den would enable him to cement his position as enterprise champion...

Name: Sir Richard Branson
Founded: Virgin Group
Industry: Business, mobile, finance, publishing, technology, transport, travel, space travel – the list goes on!

Odds Richard BransonSir Richard Branson may seem like an unlikely candidate for the next Dragon investor but given his recent move into the start-up space with the launch of Virgin StartUp and the success of Virgin’s Pitch 2 Rich initiative it’s not completely unrealistic. The seventh richest person in the UK according to Forbes 2014 list of billionaires, Branson’s portfolio of business ventures has made him one of the most inspiring and well known entrepreneurs of all time but Branson is determined not to remain static. In our interview with him in May last year he said that he’s “forever looking to the future and dreaming big” and also said that he wants to “increase the odds” of start-ups succeeding – an appearance on Dragons’ Den would give him the opportunity to do just that.


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