eBay entrepreneurs growing in number

Nearly 70,000 Britons now trade on the online auction site

A growing number of Britons are turning to eBay to supplement their income, according to new figures released by the online auction site.

Nearly 70,000 people in the UK are making a living by selling goods on the web site, the company claims, as items worth more than £2bn have been sold on eBay’s UK web site in the last year.

eBay’s chief executive Meg Whitman pointed out that so-called ‘eBay entrepreneurs’ now contribute a significant amount of money to the economy.

The company also noted a large rise in the number of people earning at least 24% of their total income from trading on the auction site.

The report said that the average eBay shop employs nine staff, and almost half earn more than three-quarters of their income through the site.

They are typically small business owners who use the auctions to boost their company’s sales or work 9 to 5 jobs and are using it to make extra on the evenings and weekends.

Many entrepreneurs, as well, are women who have left the workforce after having children and use the auction site as a way to run a business from their home, the eBay said.

Nearly one in three British adults have registered with eBay and admit to using the site for almost two hours each month.


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