eBay entrepreneurs wanted

Starting up an eBay business or have already done so successfully? If so, you could appear on an upcoming Channel Five show

TV production company Ricochet are making a documentary for Channel 5 which aims to highlight the fantastic business opportunities within the eBay community. The programme will feature success stories from both sides of the Atlantic, interviewing people who have transformed their lives by becoming eBay traders. Within the programme, there will also be tips on how to make a successful living as an eBay entrepreneur. The documentary aims to be aspirational, and feel-good. Hopefully it will inspire people, and highlight the opportunities and possibilities the website can provide. The show will tie in with the 10th anniversary celebrations of the website this year.

Are you starting up an eBay business or have an ambitious, unusual or bizarre scheme to get rich as an eBay trader? Ricochet are looking for people with large-scale and innovative business ideas, with big and ambitious plans for the future. Does this sound like you – or anyone you know? Or have you already made your eBay fortune? If so, Ricochet are interested in hearing from you.

For further information, please contact James or Catherine at Ricochet on  0207 251 6966 or e-mail: catherine.ellis@ricochet.co.uk



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