Edinburgh Robotics gains £250,000 investment

Braveheart Investment continues its busy schedule following its AIM flotation

The Braveheart Investment Group is continuing a busy period since its recent AIM with a £250,000 investment into Edinburgh Robotics Ltd (ERL).

This is the second investment by Braveheart into the company, which is a spin-out from the University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics. It also follows an investment in life sciences company Ectopharma as well as an acquisition of rival VC WL Ventures.

ERL will use the money to boost its software development platform, DevBot, which is used to programme mobile robots, which are defined as small autonomous or remote control vehicles that consume little power and have no cables.

In the future, mobile robots could be used to control devices such as vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers, the company says.

The company is planning to sell DevBot to clients in the automotive, agricultural and entertainment industries.

Nils Roeder, chief technical officer at ERL, said: “Mobile robotics is a highly specialised and exciting field, in which we are making progress in not only R&D, but also commercial product development.

“ERL is rapidly and cost effectively developing its state of the art platform technology, which has already come to the attention of international businesses utilising robotics technology.

“This injection of funding from Braveheart and the investment consortium backing the Alpha EIS fund will help to progress the commercialisation of DevBot.”

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