Ed’s Garden Maintenance franchisee sells off half his area for profit

Chobham franchisee John Marshall splits business to mark successful three years

Domestic gardening chain Ed’s Maintenance today announced that Chobham franchisee John Marshall has successfully split his business, selling off half his area for a sum exceeding his initial investment.

Marshall, who started an Ed’s franchise in the Surrey town three years ago, said he had grown a large enough customer base to release a percentage of his area to a buyer, generating a significant lump sum whilst retaining his franchise.

Founded in 2003 but launched as a franchise business in 2007, Ed’s Garden Maintenance claims to be the largest domestic garden maintenance franchise in the UK, offering a range of services including lawn mowing, turfing and garden clearance.

His addition means Ed’s now has 32 franchisees across the south of England.

The unusual franchise deal means purchaser Andy Hendrie will start his own Ed’s franchise with a number of regular customers already on his books.

Ed’s said the deal was made possible by its suggested approach to franchisees, which sees them attempt to build a concentrated, close-knit network of customers rather than spreading the business out over a wide area.

Commenting on the deal, John Marshall said: “I found myself in a dilemma in that my kids have now fled the nest and my wife and I want to move away from London. I have created a strong gardening business and want to build another one with Ed’s.

“Being part of Ed’s is quite unique in that I am able to split my protected area and capitalise on all the customer goodwill I have generated over the last three years and carry on where I want to live.

“I have sold half my area for more than I paid when I initially started. Where do you get that kind of flexibility in a business venture?”



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