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For every bag sold by ElephantBranded, a school kit is donated to a child in Africa or Asia

Founder: James Munro Boon
Launched: February 2012

As any entrepreneur knows, getting your product stocked in John Lewis, of all retailers, is no mean feat. Even more impressive when the products in question – ElephantBranded bags – are made in Cambodian village cooperatives, out of recycled cement bags. Furthermore, Elephant Branded donates a school kit to a child in Africa or Asia for every bag sold.

Founder James Munro Boon is also adding a tracking system: through a code on every ElephantBranded bag, the buyer will be able see the school that received the school kit and the village cooperative where the original bag was made.

Launched with only £600 in early 2012, James is focusing on growing the company sustainably and organically. He has already managed to make it profitable, and the bags are sold online as well as through John Lewis and boutiques in London, Switzerland and Germany.


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