Entrepreneur becomes first Secret Millionaire to help in a prison

Growing Business columnist Piers Linney revealed as secret millionaire

Growing Business columnist Piers Linney will break new ground next week by becoming the first secret millionaire to work in a prison.

Linney, the joint chief executive and major shareholder of cloud computing company Outsourcery, has worked with inmates of Brinsford Young Offender’s Institution in Wolverhampton for the eighth series of the Secret Millionaire, which starts on Tuesday.

During the programme, Linney will focus on a literary charity scheme called Toe to Toe, a mentoring service where literary prisons tutor others, and  Storybook Dads, which allows prisoners to record bedtime stories of CDs for their children at home.

Linney, a serial entrepreneur whose company now generates revenues of £43m, said he was “excited by the opportunity presented by the show to get up close and personal with the issues and to be able to work out how to maximise the impact of my contributions.”

Commenting on the experience, Linney added that “the show provided a reality check, which is something everyone living comfortably needs from time to time and it has left me with a number of long-term commitments, which is what I was looking for.”

Specifically, Linney said the show has taught him that “education is absolutely fundamental to social mobility and if you can’t read then you don’t have a chance.” The Secret Millionaire featuring Linney will air at 21.00 on Tuesday (May 10), on Channel 4.


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