Entrepreneurial fate ‘written in the stars’

Sagittarians more confident of success

Drafting a solid business plan is often heralded as the first step toward entrepreneurial success, but a new survey suggests the real secrets could be written somewhere else: the stars.

According to a poll of start-up business owners in the UK, the Zodiac may offer the budding entrepreneur the signs she needs to know whether her business venture will fail or succeed.

When it comes to enterprise, Sagittarians begin aiming for their first million at an early age. Entrepreneurs under this star sign are assertive and very confident of future success.

According to the poll from DHL, 45% of Sagittarian start-ups believe they will become millionaires within the next five years.

Capricorns, on the other hand, proved they are not just silly, old goats when it comes to their business.

The survey found those under this star sign to be much more pragmatic and realistic in terms of what their business can accomplish. Just 13% said they believe they will make millions through their venture.

Aquarians showed they do not have to wait for a new age to dawn to take their leap into enterprise. Over half started their business between the ages of 20 and 30, while prudish Virgos proved more willing to wait.

A fifth of Virgos polled did not start their ventures until between the ages of 51 and 62.

Meanwhile, in terms of people management, Taureans showed they are bullish about their staff, offering better pension plans than any other star sign.

“If life vindicates our beliefs, we might all benefit from embodying more Sagittarius faith and optimism,” said Tina Thompson, of the Association of Professional Astrologers.

“While we’re clearly governed by our astrological traits, I also believe the horoscope of the business itself will have an equally critical influence on its success or failure.”


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