Entrepreneurs’ cars: Aston Martin Vanquish

Recruitment entrepreneur Matthew Sanders’ vast array of cars have one thing in common, they’re fast! A perfect reflection of his go-getting nature, he says…

Name: Matthew Sanders
Company: de Poel
Focus: Workforce solutions provider
Cars: Aston Martin 2013 Vanquish, VW Beetle – Herbie edition, Morgan three-wheeler – as driven by Charles Morgan in 2012 Gumball Rally, Range Rover 2013, 1961 Jaguar Mark II, 1981 Lotus Esprit Turbo, 1973 Rover, 1991 Bentley Continental Sedan, 1970 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2, Reliant Scimitar
Typical RRP: Various

In case you hadn’t gathered from the above, de Poel founder Matthew Sanders likes cars.

From the quirky stylings of his Morgan three-wheeler to the ultimate muscularity of the Aston Martin Vanquish, Sanders says each one of his fleet of 10 cars says something different about himself. “I’m lucky to have a selection of cars that are each rewarding in their own unique way,” he says. “I guess the types of cars I drive are a reflection of how I feel on any given day.”

Founding de Poel 12 years ago, Sanders has grown the temporary staffing provider from scratch into a global business with more than £500m annual revenues, adding seven other successful companies to his group along the way. “I bought my cars as a reward to myself and to reflect the success of my businesses,” he says. “Most people work very hard to have experiences they enjoy – for me, one of those is driving great cars.”

Giving details about which of his cars he likes the most, his Morgan three-wheeler gets a particular mention; he says the iconic vintage racecar “really makes you feel alive”, describing the experience of roaring around Britain’s roads as “exhilarating”. “Every time you drive it, it makes you smile!” Sanders enthuses.

Also being talked up is his recent purchase of the Aston Martin Vanquish, the latest, most expensive, and possibly greatest model produced by the legendary British manufacturer. “It’s simply one of the best-looking cars ever built,” says Sanders.

As part of his role at de Poel, Sanders regularly meets with current and potential blue-chip clients from all over the world, and says that despite the obvious value of some of his cars his clients never take a negative view. “Success is nothing to be ashamed of,” he explains. “I want our clients to see that de Poel is a hard-working business, doing a great job and saving our customers money. Promoting success is a key part of a winning team and business.”

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Sanders shares his passion for cars through his membership of various car clubs, and says they provide great opportunities for business networking. “There is great camaraderie in car clubs – you get to spend time with like-minded people who are passionate about cars and business,” he says. “There is nothing like a common interest to build rapport.”

And although the list above might seem rather random to the untrained eye, all the models (bar, possibly, the Range Rover) have one thing in common – they are fast. “I like fast cars, and I think this reflects my go-getting nature,” explains Sanders. “To be successful as an entrepreneur, you often have to act quickly.”


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