Entrepreneurs’ cars: Ford GT

The Comtact founder explains that while his business is more of a diesel BMW, he couldn’t resist a luxury purchase with speed and style at the fore…

Name: Dominic List
Company: Comtact
Focus: IT infrastructure management
Car: Ford GT
Typical RRP: £150,000

For some entrepreneurs, their choice of car reflects their image of the business; the values are seen as an extension of what has made their venture so successful.

This is not the case for Dominic List however – he admits that the sleek, powerful stylings of the iconic Ford GT supercar have “nothing to do” with the values underpinning his leading cloud-computing business Comtact.

“My business would be a diesel BMW,” Dominic explains. “Innovative and reliable, with high quality – but affordable.”

For Dominic, then, his Ford GT is more a symbol of his personal success with Comcast; a luxury purchase with speed and style at the fore. “I love the design, the race car engineering – and the noise!” he says.

When pressed about what features he enjoys the most, Dominic is quick to talk up the GT’s “supercharged” 5.5 litre engine – which he claims can produce a whopping 800 horsepower “after a few tweaks.” Also getting a mention are the car’s “crazy” doors – opening out and then upwards, they are designed to accommodate a racing driver in full kit, crash helmet and all.

Dominic’s purchase of the Ford GT is the latest iteration of a long-standing love affair with supercars – he has driven “most of the big names”, having owned a Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari and Maserati in the past. “I love cars,” Dominic says. “It’s not a statement for me – to me they are art in motion.”

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Despite his evident love for the very highest end of the automotive market, Dominic’s Ford GT only sees the occasional outing – he describes it as a “special event” car, with his Audi Q7 being his vehicle of choice for family outings, and public transport his preferred method of getting to work.

Indeed, Dominic admits that practical issues such as parking and number of seats played no part at all in his decision to buy the GT. “The very idea of a supercar is not to be beholden to practicality,” he explains. “In fashion terms, it’s high heels vs. trainers.”

And you won’t find Dominic using the striking curves and distinctive growl of the Ford GT to impress clients, either, after he discovered that potential customers are not always enthused about flashy cars. “I once lost a business as the guy said (behind my back) that he didn’t like me because I drove a Maserati!” he recalls. “In the US they applaud success – sometimes in the UK we still don’t think that way.”

Despite his clear enthusiasm for his Ford GT, it is not likely to be a monogamous relationship for long – just one more chapter in a life-long affair with cars in all their forms. “I love all cars – I still remember my Mini very fondly,” Dominic explains. “If I could have a different car every month that would be perfect!”


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