Entrepreneurs’ cars: Mercedes E350

Choosing a more family-friendly car than his Porsche 911, the insurance entrepreneur's new car reflects his business; “solid, reliable and well-built”…

Name: Crispin Moger
Company: Marmalade
Focus: Car insurance for young and first-time drivers
Car: Mercedes E350 AMG Sport Estate
Typical RRP: £36,000

For car insurance mogul Crispin Moger, it’s unlikely that his brand new Mercedes E-Class Sport Estate will last long as he admits that he gets “bored quickly” and changes his ride every two years.

After trialling a Porsche Macan, Mercedes ML and BMW X5, the Mercedes E350 won out as a replacement for his Porsche 911 as a fast, stylish ride that works for “both his business and family life”.

While he jokingly admits that his Mercedes has a “slight resemblance to a hearse”, it’s clear that Moger wants to avoid preconceptions about what car a person should drive. He asserts that “being in the business, I love cars and do take note of what other people drive, but in fact I often go directly against commonly-held perceptions”. He also looks for a car that will cater to his love of sports – specifically his love of kayaking and skiing – which his Porsche was unable to meet the demands for.

When it comes to the car itself, Moger believes that it reflects Marmalade’s values as it is “solid, reliable and well-built” but says that in reality “if Marmalade were a car it would be more like a Porsche [as it] has continually evolved”, just as Marmalade looks to constantly improve the products and services it offers.

Moger also believes first impressions count and that, as CEO, he needs to show that he is running a successful company. By driving a Mercedes this “ticks all the boxes” as it “looks good and is smart and powerful without being obnoxious and flashy”. Colour is also important: “I chose a black car because, although it’s a nightmare for showing up every scratch, it just looks much nicer”.

Ultimately though, his car has “no impact” on the way he does business, the most important element of a car for Moger is “personal comfort and enjoyment of driving”. He quips that this is why he chose an automatic – for ease when driving the UK’s “delightful roads”.

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