Entrepreneurs’ cars: Range Rover Vogue

It was love at first sight for business owner Paul Carson, who says the all-round performance car “perfectly reflects the image of his own business”…

Name: Paul Carson
Company: Strategic Planning
Focus: Town planning and property development
Car: Range Rover Vogue
Typical RRP: £75,000

For Paul Carson, founder of leading Northern Ireland-based town planning experts Strategic Planning, his purchase of the Range Rover Vogue was a case of love at first sight.

Admitting he didn’t consider any other cars when looking to move on from his BMW X5 – “I just wanted a Vogue” – Carson says the Range Rover’s rugged aesthetics and all-round performance perfectly reflects the image of his own business. “It’s not fast,” he admits, “but it’s solid and reliable and portrays an image of quality – a job well done.”

And this isn’t a car that spends most of its time under a dust sheet in the garage, getting an outing once a year, either. The Range Rover Vogue is Carson’s day-to-day vehicle, able to handle both business and pleasure with equal aplomb. “The Range Rover is very much appreciated when driving clients and colleagues to meetings and events – it is also very useful for touring development sites on and off-road,” Carson explains. “I shoot in my spare time, so that takes me off-road too, and I use it to tow trailers quite often. It’s a great all-rounder.”

Giving details, Carson evangelises about the “comfort and luxurious feel” of the Vogue’s spacious interior – which gives him a “great sense of safety and security” – and the “solid” feel of driving it on and off-road, describing the engine as “superb, powerful and smooth.”

And with the Range Rover Vogue’s solid but not showy look and feel, Carson feels he has struck the right balance when presenting an image of the company to clients. “There’s a fine line between demonstrating success and being extravagant,” he explains. “I believe if clients see you driving a nice car then they have a certain confidence in the firm’s ability to deliver good results. If they see you driving a flash car they think you are charging too much!”

Carson is certainly not alone in his enthusiasm for the Range Rover Vogue – Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson is similarly effusive about his vehicle of choice, describing it as “far and away, the best car in the world.” Carson agrees. “I like the best I can get,” he says, simply.



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