Entrepreneurs in the fast lane:
The cars driving business success

What cars do successful entrepreneurs drive? Check out our torque-busting, power-loving, supercharged business owners and their rides

We gathered a bunch of entrepreneurs who share a love beyond business – cars! Is it the concept of going from 0-60mph like a fast-growth start-up every time they get behind the wheel?

Could it be the inherent power at their fingertips and slamming their pedal to the metal? Perhaps it’s the liberation of being alone to their thoughts and escaping the rigours of running a high-pressure business. Or do entrepreneurs buy cars to experience torque to match the thrill of a successful pivot?

A car says a great deal about its driver and business owners probably spend almost as much time on the road as a travelling salesman visiting clients and closing deals. So a great set of wheels is simply a necessity (and a little more besides!).

Our assembled drivers are not doughnut-busting boy racers, but speed is of the essence. That and the combination of embracing their love of design, technology and the distinctive rumble of their engine, matched with their far more practical, professional needs.

You’ll find out which entrepreneur see cars as “art in motion”, who loves “power, beauty and speed”, and who thinks “there’s a fine line between demonstrating success and being extravagant”.

Whether it’s a taste for diesel, going off-road, sliding behind the wheel of a classic, or pure power, read on and find out what motivated our car-loving company founders to open their wallets for a fast-moving slice of luxury.


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