Entrepreneurs enjoy eBay success

The internet auctioneer launches a new business centre

A new ‘business centre’ has been launched online by one of the internet’s most successful companies.

The new eBay business centre is designed to help small businesses get started on the internet auctioning website.

The site includes information on how to register, set up an eBay Shop, learn about export sales and legal obligations as business sellers and find tips on how to maximise sales.

The company says that the new centre offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for small and medium-sized businesses wishing to capitalise on the website’s potential.

Jason Ross, who runs a sports shop in Cornwall, says that eBay helped him to expand his business.

He said: “Rather than having to worry about the small local market in Newquay and the lack of demand for surfing and sporting equipment during the winter, eBay has allowed me to sell to the US and Australia during quieter months.”

Azita Qadri, small business manager at eBay, says that entrepreneurs are increasingly using the online auction site to boost their business.

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He said: “Thousands of small and medium-sized businesses are using eBay as an additional sales channel and turning their excess stock into cash.

“By trading on eBay businesses have access to 10 million potential buyers in the UK, and with no start-up costs it’s a cost effective channel to market.

“As well as the UK reach, eBay allows small businesses to export to international markets without the need for operational staff abroad.”

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