Entrepreneurs invited to attend post-Brexit ‘hot house’ discussion

'Europreneurs' event will look at how the UK can maintain a good relationship with Europe, discussing politics, immigration, and more

In light of the Brexit result, Snowball, ICE and WeWork are to host a 90-minute ‘hot house’ discussion on how the UK can remain a“vibrant, productive and compassionate community” while continuing to foster a positive relationship with Europe.

Open to entrepreneurs and anyone with an “entrepreneurial mindset”, the ‘Europreneurs’ event will take place in London on Thursday 14 July and will enable business owners to debate issues such as politics, immigration, justice, trade, finance and security.

The goal of the event is to bring “intelligent, positive thinking” to the fore “in a sea of spin and little Englander chest beating” – the discussion will be turned into a ‘Europreneurial’ manifesto to help EU negotiators and policymakers.

The event takes place from 6:30pm to 9pm and you can register your attendance here.


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