Entrepreneurs invited to hear from UK tech leaders

PLUSMINUS Birmingham event will give tech start-ups opportunity to pitch to leading angels and VC firms

Entrepreneurs, students and investors have been invited to attend an afternoon tech conference next month, featuring speakers from leaders across all industry verticals.

The event; titled PLUSMINUS, will take place in Birmingham on 5 June, with more than 15 speakers from across the UK tech scene already scheduled to attend, including Shazam, YPlan, Uber, Whisk.com and Betfair.

Attendees will hear discussions on the past, present and future of the industry, as well as a range of topics such as mobile, apps, augmented reality and tech at scale.

The morning session will see 10 start-ups get the opportunity to make a 10-minute pitch to 50 handpicked investors and angels.

You can register for the event or apply to pitch your business on the day here.


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