Entrepreneurs launch ideas sharing forum

Murray Wells and Barrett hope Ideavolcano.com will prove inspirational

Two entrepreneurs have set up a site designed to share and exchange business ideas in an online blogging community.

James Murray Wells, founder of Glasses Direct, and Oli Barrett, founder of Connected Capital and the brains behind youth project Make Your Mark with a Tenner, came up with the idea together after discussing the lack of forums to bounce ideas around in.

Along with web expert John Hornbaker, the pair launched the not-for-profit www.ideavolcano.com this week and have already contributed their own ideas in blog format.

“A lot of the ideas are just for fun and come straight off the top of your head, but sometimes you share ideas in exchange for help with them,” Barrett told Startups.

Barrett noted that entrepreneurs like Murray Wells often continued to generate ideas but did not have the time to follow each one through and the site offered a way to vent them.

“There are two schools of thought on sharing ideas,” continued Barrett. “One is that you should guard your ideas and the other is that nothing should go to waste if you’re not going to develop it yourself.

“Who knows what ideas can be sparked in your brain by reading something somebody else has come up with.”

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Barrett said the project was not a full-time venture for either him or Murray Wells but he hoped it would be ‘fun, stimulating and hopefully inspiring’.

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